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In the customer's panel it is possible to run an e-mail birthday campaign. How to do it?

1. After logging in to https://cp.quarticon.com/ go to the Marketing Automation panel by clicking Mailing in the menu on the left.

2. Click Create new campaign.

3. In the Audiences list that appears, click on the Add a new group tile under all groups.

4. Choose a predefined grup named Customers who have birthday.

5. Fill in the table.

What do the field mean?

Tag name: to create a group, we need a tag in the e-mail database of your users that will store birthdays in the format YYYY-MM-DD. In order to include this data later when sending your campaign, select date_of_birth next to this field.

How many days before the birthday the user should receive an e-mail: if you want the user to receive an e-mail on their birthday, enter 0; if you want to send the message a couple of days before it, indicate the preferred number of days.

Audience name:

Nazwa grupy: name the group so that it can be easily found in the list.

Audience life time (minutes): specify the number of minutes within users will be members of the group

Important! Our system takes the RRR value from the users' birthday dates. This means that in the e-mail they will not be told how old they are, but only informed about a special offer or other gift chosen by you.

6. Go through the general steps of creating a campaign (4-8) according to the instructions How to set up a campaign?.

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