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Our customer's panel allows you to add ALT attributes to images that are used in e-mail marketing campaigns. How to do it?

1. After logging in to https://cp.quarticon.com/ go to the Mailing tab.

2. In the Templates tab, select the e-mail template with pictures to which you want to add the ALT attributes...

...or create a new template by clicking on Add template.

Choose the Add via e-mail template creator method.

3. If you are creating a new template, add a picture or picture with text using the appropriate buttons.

If you are editing an existing template, click on the field with the picture.

4. In the editor on the right, fill in the fields Image URL and Image title (attribute: alt).

From now on, the image gets the ALT attribute with the image title you entered.


What are ALT attributes?

ALT attributes are alternative texts that are displayed in the mailing content in place of unloaded images.

Why is it worth adding ALT attributes to pictures in mailing?

  • They improve the quality rating of the e-mail content

  • They increase the deliverability of e-mails

  • They prevent messages from being considered SPAM

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