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If you want to send an abandoned cart mailing campaign, the first thing you need to do is to notify QuarticOn of the desire to use the abandoned cart logic in mailing, so that the development team can prepare and implement a functionality that allows you to collect information about abandoned carts from the website. After confirming that the functionality is already implemented, proceed to creating the target group "abandoned cart" in the panel. How to do this?

1. Go to the Audiences tab in the menu on the left.

Select the target group abandoned cart from the list. However, if you do not have such a group created, you can configure it yourself. How?

Click Add new group and select the option of assigning users to the group based on events.

First, indicate the condition that must be met for the user to be assigned to the group: adding a product to the cart. Enter the name of the event _qon_basketAdd and confirm it by clicking Add event.

Move below to conditions for removing a user from the group. Click Add condition and enter _qon_transaction (checkout) and _qon_basketClear (removing products from the cart by the user) in the event name field. Confirm adding the conditions by clicking Add event each time.

Then in both sections (Add to audience rules and Remove from audience rules) enter the minimum number of events (Frequency) that must occur to meet the condition: 1. Also enter the time (Time period) in which the event should occur – in this case, the maximum time is 43200 – and possible delay (Delay) – in this case 120 in the Add to audience rules section and 0 in the Remove from audience rules section.

In the next step, name the group and specify the audience life time (the time of being assigned to the given group) in minutes.

Remember that the time of assigning to a group should not be shorter than the time of sending the last e-mail from the campaign, e.g. if you want to send two e-mails: the first one after an hour and the second one after 10 hours – enter the minimum time of 10 hours, i.e. 600 minutes.

Click Save.

2. After creating the group, proceed to creating mailing templates. To do this, go to the Mailing tab in the menu on the left, and then click Templates.

3. You should have two templates: "Abandoned cart" and "Abandoned cart 2". For instructions on how to create a template, see How to create an email template?. By entering the edit mode of the created templates and clicking on the recommendation frame, make sure that the appropriate logic has been selected – "abandoned cart".

4. You already have the right group and two mailing templates for the abandoned cart – you can proceed to creating a mailing campaign. In the Mailing tab, go to the Campaigns section and click Create email sequence.

5. Select the target group – the one that has been previously defined by you – "abandoned cart" and click Next.

6. In the Email sequences tab, add all the mailing templates that you plan to send as part of a given campaign ("Abandoned cart" and "Abandoned cart 2" prepared earlier). Set the sending time of individual emails.

Remember that the time of sending e-mails within one campaign is TOTAL for all sequences. If the first e-mail is to be sent after 1 hour and the second one after 6 hours, then in the first sequence we set the time to 1 hour, and in the second – 5 hours. If the first e-mail is to be sent after 2 hours, and the second one after 10 hours, set the time of the first one in the sequence to 2 hours, and the second – 8 hours.

7. In the next section, set the name of the campaign. Also, fill in the fields Frequency of shipment (days) and Permit to resubscribe user to this campaign after following time (days). In the first field, enter 1. The value in the second field depends on whether:

  • you want the campaign to be a one-time scenario, i.e. users who fall into the Abandoned cart group will receive the message sequence only once, and the campaign will not restart – in this case, enter 0

  • you want the campaign to be a repeatable scenario, i.e. the campaign is to be launched for users from the group Abandoned cart again after the number of days you have chosen; for example, if you want the scenario to restart after 24 hours, enter 1

In the advanced settings, you can also set the campaign schedule, i.e. its start and end date.

In the Reply to and Sender email address field, enter the right e-mail address that the campaign will sent from (it will appear in the recipient's mailboxes). Also enter the name of the sender. Click Next.

We encourage you to use the functionality of managing the list of senders. For more information, see the article How to manage the list of senders?.

In the next, last section of the campaign creator you will find its summary.

If everything is correct, click Finish.

8. The newly created campaign is now visible in the campaign list in the main view of the Mailing tab. However, it is still inactive. To activate it, click on the red circle and the Activate button.

In the following video you will learn how it works in practice:

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