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After preparing the mailing template and creating the campaign, it is worth testing it by sending a test email to check if everything looks and works as it should.

1. Saved campaigns can be found in the Mailing (A) tab. The fact that the campaign is inactive is indicated by a red circle next to its name (B).

2. To send a test email, click on the green cogwheel (A) on the right side of the campaign. Choose the Test email option (B).

3. Enter the email address to which the test message should be sent. There can be several addresses. They can be separated by a space, comma or we can write each in a new line. Click Send.

4. Green info appears in the upper right corner that the mail has been successfully sent. It should already be in the mailbox.

From the video below you will find out how it looks in practice and learn the details of each of the stages listed above (English subtitles available):

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