Go to QuarticOn

1. Go to the Mailing tab (A). Then click on Templates (B) and Add template (C).

2. We create the template using the e-mail template creator. Click Choose.

3. This is a Drag & Drop creator so by dragging the right elements we build our message.

4. We add elements from which we want to build a template.

5. To edit any of these elements, we must click on it. Then the box on the right appears, where we can change the parameters of the element, including colour, text, linking. We can edit the content of our message, title, image, background colour, etc.

6. After preparing the message, we can use the Preview Mobile option and see how it will look on a mobile device.

7. Then go to Email Settings (A), where we name the template (B) and add the title of the message (C).

8. When we are satisfied with the appearance of our template, we click on Save template.

From the video below you will find out how it looks in practice and learn the details of each of the stages listed above (English subtitles available):

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