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QuarticOn supports the issuing of customer's promo codes. The module is available in the Settings Promo codes tab.

Important! Promotional codes are not generated by the QuarticOn system. These are codes related to the customer's shop and can be used there for purchases. QuarticOn can only import codes from the client and distribute them to users in various forms.

Importing promo codes

To import promotional codes, create a group of codes.

1. Log in to the customer's panel and go to the Settings tab.

2. Then go to the Promo codes section, create a new group by clicking Add group and save it.

3. After creating the group, click on the gear symbol and select the option Import codes.

We currently support the import of codes from files in the following formats:

  • CSV

  • XLS

  • XLSX

The codes must be placed in the first column of the file to be imported. No other data will be taken into account.

4. Select the correct file and click Send. The import process is now taking place. When it's finished, a notification will be sent to the e-mail address of the person who ordered the import (the user logged in to the panel).

Correct promo code is longer than 0 characters and shorter than 65 characters.

Adding promo codes in the e-mail template

1. If you want to add promo codes to the template, go to the Mailing and then Templates tab.

2. Then, edit the template you have chosen.

a. If you are in the HTML wizard, select the Template Settings tab → Promo codes.

Add the selected group of codes by clicking Save and then place the appropriate macro in the template.

Macro for promotional codes to be inserted in the e-mail template:

{{ promoCode.gId.1 }}

b. If you are in the drag&drop wizard, select the Promotional code block and then drag it to the chosen place in the template.

Then click on the block in the template and select your code group from the drop-down list on the right.

Save the template.

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