Go to QuarticOn

1. Go to the Mailing tab (A). Then click on Templates (B) and Add template (C).

2. Select the option on the right, Import email template.

3. Name the creation (A), for example, Welcome 1 and click Next (B).

4. The file you want to upload should already be prepared and zipped. It should also contain HTML index and photos. Select the correct file from the disk and click Send.

5. The template file has been imported. The part on the right shows its preview.

6. To change the title of the message, go to Template settings.

7. Below there is an option called Unsubscribe link (A). For this option to work in our message, we must manually insert it into the code, directly in the edit box on the left. Find the part that is responsible for Unsubscribe (B). Replace the visible href macro with the one in the settings. Click Insert macro (C) and see if it appears in the code.

In order for the text to be put in the right place, we must ensure that the cursor is exactly where we want to paste the macro.

8. Save the template. Once saved, it will be visible in the list of available templates that you can use in the campaigns.

From the video below you will find out how it looks in practice and learn the details of each of the stages listed above (English subtitles available):

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